5 Case Studies Of Killer Gen Z Marketing And Content

Gordon D'Mello

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Marketing is hard enough as is, right? I mean you spend time trying to figure out creative channels to get brand awareness, purchases of a product, or leads. Add arguably the most switched on online generation ever, and it might make things a bit trickier. But where there is a challenge there is an opportunity, and let’s be real here folks, Gen Z – despite being aware of all the BS marketing online – give you more opportunities than most generations.

The difference being that Gen Z can be super harsh if you get it wrong, and in a world of more frequent cancel-culture, you don’t want that to be your brand. So we’ve rounded up some of our favourite examples of Gen Z marketing for you to stan over.

#1 Bumble

I think it’s fair to say that Bumble have officially surpassed Tinder when it comes to brand affinity and relevance (at least for Gen Z and Millennials). Their Millennial Yellow branding is a tad cleaner and more subtle than Tinder’s flame vibe (and the likes of Hinge, Plenty of Fish etc). But it’s the things they do from a content and marketing perspective that has set them apart. From their smart, simple and effective blog The Buzz, through to their Shameless Media podcast-collab Love Etc, they go above and beyond to speak to (mainly) females around Australia. This series of events at Aussie universities where they give away free noods (no legit, free noodles on campus) is such a fun, smart and easy way to stay on brand yet still speak to a relevant audience.

#2 Cha Time


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Turning a bit more to social engagement, and Cha Time have really set themselves up as a bit of a meme-lord set of kings and queens. Their content game is strong on both Facebook and Instagram (in fact, it’s actually basically 100% the same content – which proves you don’t always need to diversify across channels). Not only do they have heaps of fun with the stuff they post, but it makes the brand seem young and relatable. Tip – they also engage with their audience, responding to comments and messages (which your brand should also do).

#3 Contiki

With a recently announced set of Europe 2020 travel plans, Contiki continues to be the market leader when it comes to brand content and marketing. Obviously repping a naturally Gen Z audience/customer base, their blog channel Six-Two is the perfect mix of branding and (keyword incoming) authenticity. It subtly (and even not-so-subtly) promotes some of their travel trips, features young people from around the world and even allows everyday young people to become community contributors to the site.

#4 Champion

To give you a very specific example, look no further than the biggest youth re-branding in the past decade. Fashion born-agains Champion didn’t even need to re-do or freshen up their logo – they just needed to paint a slightly different picture. There’s no doubt fashion works in cycles, hence why a lot of old school styles are currently in – Champion being one. But it was their collab with Aussie duo Remi and Sensible J that really created that different story. They did some video that looked into their lives as musicians, and also managed to sneak in a tonne of Champion branding to a film clip for the duo’s single My People. But you wouldn’t realise reading the comments on YouTube – people just loved the song and vibe, proving the collab just made total sense.

#5 Showpo

And finally, one of our personal favourites when it comes to marketing content – Showpo’s The Edit. One thing we always suggest to our partners when creating their content for their customer base, is to think about who your customer actually is. What do they do after 6pm? What music do they like? What hobbies do they have? What personalities do they relate to? And Showpo have definitely done that here. Check out this article titled 18 Times Beyoncé Made Us Scream ‘Yaass Queen’ for the perfect example. Obviously Beyonce is a very relevant personalities for Showpo’s young female audience, and naturally most people will associate Beyonce for being absolutely stunning and possessing a great fashion sense. In the article, Showpo blend in ‘shop now’ features promoting party and statement dresses – which work perfectly with the article content itself. Simple, effective, but thoughtful – that’s the motto.

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