5 Killer Good (And Free) Online Tools You Can Use For Content Creation (Part 2)

Hector Zepeda

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Don’t be ashamed guys, it’s okay to sometimes not have an idea of how to make content happen. We all have these great ideas we want to develop, but then when it’s time for some action, our lack of resources for content creation limits us. Especially in times like these. But don’t worry, we got your back. We’re back again with a few tools, platforms or services you can use when it comes to content creation and digital marketing for younger audiences. All are free at some level, while some have bumper subscriptions for a small fee. We got you.

#1 Gifmaker

Have you ever wondered, while trying to choose the perfect reaction in a group chat, how the hell are people making gifs? Because let’s be real, gifs cover it all; illustrations, TV moments, and videos gone viral.

Mostly influenced by a Tumblr community, gifs are a fun way of expressing yourself on social. The great thing is that now you can create your very own gifs and for free! Simply go to Gifmaker website, upload a video, cut to the desired times, save and done! That easy, thank us later.

#2 Unsplash

From being afraid of copyright infringement, to making sure you’re following the guidelines that correspond. Trying to find the right images for your new article, new business venture or social profiles can be a nightmare. In this case, don’t worry, Unsplash is truly the hero we don’t deserve. You can access a massive database of high definition images, and they’re constantly adding more. Do it right by the photographers and try to give them credit when you can.

#3 Pexels Video

Being able to promote your business through the video should not cost you thousands in production, nor should it be difficult to achieve. Fortunately for you, we know just the right product. By using Pexels Video, you can get your hands on a huge selection of royalty free videos. Scroll through their categories and check the variations of free stock high-quality video to use. Yep, it’s a very useful platform, especially for those of us with a budget or during a lean phase. Isn’t it the best?!

#4 Adobe Spark

The Adobe family has ruled within the creative world for years now. But as cheaper and easier to use alternatives have emerged their market share has reduced. That’s why recently they released the Spark hub, introducing three different tools. Adobe Post, Page, and Video – each a different app for mobile and desktop. You can get a free Starter Plan account for basic use, while the Individual plan has a free months subscription at the moment. Useful if you’re creating graphics for social, editing videos or help design pages for your new landing page.

#5 Remove Background

How many times have you found yourself stuck with an image, wondering how can I remove *insert issue* from the background? (Without having to worry about learning Photoshop back to front?). Remove.bg is god for this. You’ll be able to upload any image you need, and get a copy with the background removed. There is a paid version available that lets you download a version of a higher quality of your images. But honestly this is a total life and time saver.

There you go! Give them a go, make us proud and create as much as you can!

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