5 Killer Good (And Free) Online Tools You Can Use For Content Creation

Hector Zepeda

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Ah yes the paradoxical quest of trying to create endless content for your brand, with zero budget and MASSIVE KPIs from your boss. It can be quite a conundrum for all you marketers, creatives and designers out there. But don’t worry, we’ve done the homework for you and picked five of the must-have tools every content creator should be aware of. The tools listed below are all online, come with free trials/components, and have helped us create some of the fun content we put out there.

And as daily content creators, it’ll help you get some of the leg work done (trust us) – or work with us and just get us to do all the hard work for you.


Later started as an Instagram exclusive scheduling tool, it helped organise posts through an easy to use calendar and auto-post feature. As new versions popped, you can now schedule, auto-post and create social media calendars in ALL of the relevant social networks. Later is compatible with Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest, Twitter. The clean and easy to use UI, price, and functionality makes it a hot pick.


The Aussie born platform had to make it on our list of recommendations. It has pretty much changed the game in regards to graphic design. It’s given folks (like me) the possibility to whip out smart designs without having to put out with the struggles of Illustrator or Indesign. Yes, it’s still a bit limited, but it’s very handy and it has an immense catalogue of fonts, tools, templates, images, and elements – that can make the life of any content creator ten times easier. You can design and create posts for most social networks, websites, ad banners, video covers, and even GIFs! We simply love Canva, and we’re such little fanboys and fangirls here.


At this day and age, we just have to revise what we put out there. Grammarly is a tool that proofreads and checks for grammar mistakes. But, it does more than that, it also uses AI to understand the text and perceives it’s tone and intention. Helping writers edit and elevate their pieces. Grammarly has a free option, but a pro account is available with extra features of course; useful for every copywriter, student,  journalist, blogger or writer out there.


Kwfinder must be the less creative but more strategical tool of the list. It helps find the best performing keywords for SEO purposes. Yup, SEO can get a bit confusing but this tool does make it easier. From giving you tips on the best long-tail titles, to keyword ranking, and competitor analysis, Kwfinder can give your copy the extra boost of SEO charm needed.  Get your content on Google’s first search page,  organically!


Similar to Grammarly, the Hemingway app proofreads the text. However, it offers a one of a kind feature. It grades your text’s readability using their style checker.  This means that instead of highlighting grammar mistakes, you’ll be able to know the level of your copy and it’s overall readability. Their revising process is quick and easy to use, which makes it handy. One to look into,  while thinking of your readers.

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