5 Simple Tips That’ll Give Your User Experience A Makeover

Hector Zepeda

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Do you remember the days when we used our landlines to ring the local Pizza Hut to order a family pepperoni pizza? Then wait for thirty minutes, clock in hand hoping that maybe, just maybe, this time we’ll be lucky and get it for free. Oh, and the sweet sweet win if we did. Weren’t those the days? Now, all we have to do is unlock our phone, open an app, select the ingredients and done. You legit can even get a realtime photo of your pizza along with an interactive countdown – a bit much, but fun and convenient enough to create loyal customers.

From calling delivery spots in the 90s, to ordering through an app while on the commute home, it’s an example of how technology has modernised the user experience. To help you do the same, we’ve whipped together five key points that can give your business a win through UX.

#1 Map The Journey

The term UX has been mainly associated with the user interface of a platform or website. Nonetheless, what revolves around the user experience bubble is more than the look and functionality of your site. Ask yourself, what’s the current experience you take your customers through with your product? If you’re not sure then you should probably start here. A big mistake some brands are guilty of is believing that if they build the product, users will come. But looking towards 2020, trends show that experiences rule. So take some time to create a journey that maps the interactions with unique propositions.

#2 Do It For THEM

Does your brand represent in any way your target customer? What things are there in place so the customer feels they relate to your brand? Are you happy with how you’re portrayed to your users? Your business will be a game-changer if you develop with the customer as the core. Sometimes our vision blinds us to the fact we are developing for our audience. Revolve around the customer. Think, would this work for Amy our loyal user? Regardless, of how crazy or different it may seem. If it works for Amy, you should do it.

#3 Human Connection Always Wins Big

For those who’ve worked within customer service roles, we salute you. Whether it’s in retail, hospitality or through phone, customer-centric jobs have never been of more importance. As a result of online platforms and the ability, to make or break, through a simple review CS has never been so important. A simple tip is to modernise your customer service method to be one that is more relatable.

People want to feel like they’ve been heard, like they are speaking to another real person. And that whoever they talk to empathises and understands. Zappos has created a successful business by going beyond what’s expected with their customer service team. You should too.

#4 Pull Out Your Best Look

When you go on a first date, you want to look your best, you want to impress in order to hopefully get a second date. In this case, our version of a second date would be a recurring customer. Having either a modern, easy to use and appealing user interface, packaging, and content will generate that visual impression that you need to score big. Or if this means revamping your website or logo, go ahead! These type of investments do pay off.

#5 Brand Your Way To Success

Jeff Bezos once said, “your brand is what other people say about you when you’re not in the room”. So what do you think people would say of yours? Understand how your business translates to the public. An easy way to do this is to pay attention to the emotions and thoughts you provoke within the public. Through branding you can readjust if you’re not succeeding, and create a new brand strategy that will transform your product to be more unique and memorable. Your mission here is for people to come back and keep talking – great things, of course. 

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