5 Things Gen Z Actually F*cking Care About Right Now (July 2020)

Bridget Buckley

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Each fortnight, we deep dive into the most trending topics that are brewing in the world of youth media (if you want to get these trends first, make sure you sign up to our newsletter!). These are the topics, stories and trends that Gen Zs around Australia are just eating up at the moment.

It’s your one stop shop, so let’s get cracking!

#1 July 2021

A date to put in everyone’s calanders. This is the latest date which we’ve been given for when international travel from Australia is likely to resume. This info comes from Qantas CEO Alan Joyce who said that the airlines international flights would likely not recommence until at least July 2021. So with a year to wait and an entire nation’s travel bugs surfacing, it’s time to start planning your domestic trips where it’s safe to do so.

#2 Kardashian Drama

Now here’s a name we haven’t seen on this list for a while. The Kardashian’s have been back in our headlines as they keep trying to out themselves as billionaires, and Forbes has to keep putting them in their place (FYI: neither Kim nor Kylie are actually billionaries acording to the publication). Now reports are coming of youngest sisters Kylie and Kendall’s brand has not been paying it’s factory workers correctly (or like, at all). Hugh sigh.

#3 Vaping Ban

While vaping is endorsed in the UK and US as a better alternative to cigarettes, here in Aus we are banning the e-cigarette hybrid. While the ban has been post-poned, it has not yet been abolished. What this means is that you’ll need a perscripton to use them, while cigarettes will still be sold over the counter. While the debate is that vaping is un-doing years of anti-smoking education as they’re being seen as a cool alternative, people are now concearned as to whether banning them will actually push more people towards cigarettes.

#4 Normal Poeple

The TV series based on Sally Rooney’s book which was released earlier this year on Stan has gained a cult following. Lets not even talk about the instagram account with 186K followers made purely to celebrate main character Connell Waldron’s chain (@connellschain for those interested). In news that’s re-ignited the fandom, the series will be releasing an extre two episodes, and oh boy to say everyone is excited is an understatement.

#5 LNP Free Education

We wish that this title meant that the LNP were advocating for a free university education scheme, but actually quite the opposite. After the news of a University fee overhaul, the Green’s MP Mehreen Faruqi took it upon herself to out all the LNP memebers who benefited from recieving a free education in one glorious twitter thread. All we can say is thankyou for this tea.

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Get our free fortnightly youth insights email + content!

Know your yeet's from 'ya woke's.