5 Things Your Brand Can Do To Stay Engaged With Gen Zs During Isolation

Gordon D'Mello

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We continue to live in a changing world, and look it’s hard to say whether marketing will ever really be the same. But during this time of challenge and uncertainty there’s one thing your brand can’t be doing – and that’s feeling sorry for yourself.

While many of you may have shut up the store front, transitioned to online only sales, or maybe even pivoted completely, brands – like Gen Zs – simply need to adapt right now. It’s tough, so it’s also easy to be a bit unsure of where to start when it comes to keeping your audience engaged at a time like this.

So, we’ve put together some tips (along with some examples) of how your brand can continue to stay engaged with Gen Zs throughout the isolation period.

#1 Run A Virtual Event

I know this maybe seems simple, or not really worth the effort – but your brand will be left behind if you don’t get on board. Zoom is the new tool everyone didn’t know we needed, and at a time where Gen Zs are working and/or studying from home, it’s likely here to stay for the near future. So while we’re stuck inside, think about how your brand can touch on the needs of Gen Z without leaving the home. Bumble have been running some exciting virtual events, including live yoga and HIIT, virtual sip and paint, even a virtual date night!

Untitled – a music based events business – also recently did a live-streamed day party with acts like Dom Dolla and Torrent Foot. All filmed in advance, to avoid the potential technical issues of a ‘proper’ live stream, the event finished with 5,000 people live-streaming Dom Dolla’s closing set – a pretty epic result. So maybe get some talent in and interview them over video call, record something in advance with your team, or run a virtual social event – there are tonnes of options.

And I mean if you’re manager is asking for some ROI guarantees or proofs for virtual events, just show them the above stats from Untitled’s Virtual Day Party – courtesy of Founder / Director, Tom Caw. Investment in talent, really crisp production, and some PR/editorial is all this would have taken – and just look at the results.

#2 Create Simple Meme-Based Content

I know memes might be anxiety-inducing for some marketers out there, so keep it simple. Memes have always been a genuine source of expression, humour and emotion for Gen Zs, so think about simple (and relevant) memes you can create around COVID-19, that Gen Zs might find relevant. Boost (above) have been running quite a few little engagement-magnets, while brands like Chatime and Four Seasons continue to ensure audiences are engaged with socially-relevant content.

#3 Talk About Things That Matter

There will inevitably be things that are still relevant for Gen Zs outside of COVID-19. We had ANZAC Day recently, Mother’s Day coming up, birthdays, graduation – while topics like climate change, indigenous rights and music are all still important. So how can your brand continue (or start) to tall about some of these things? Contiki continue to create content for their blog and content channels, and focused on Earth Day as a subject point, delving into the environment and awareness for the cause.

Gen Z will continue to hold their societal beliefs and morals, so how can you engage them by entering some of these conversations?

#4 Promote The Cause

We know that Gen Zs are values-based individuals, and the wider government message right now is to stay inside, practice social distancing and avoid contact with others. So with this in mind, how can your brand push this message?

We saw Uber literally run an ad thanking people for not using their product, and while I’m sure many of us don’t have budget to do a TVC campaign based on not promoting our product, it’s food for thought. Even if it’s just simple social content promoting social distancing, or tips on surviving lockdown from your brand, getting on board with the wider picture helps create trust.

#5 Continue To Talk To Them

Finally, don’t stop engaging with them.

As we know, this is an incredibly tough time for Gen Zs because they’re missing out on some of the most social times of their lives. So in a time where they’re already feeling extremely down, your brand can be a supportive voice. Only you know what role your brand has to play in that support, and what works in terms of content, events or memes. But ultimately continue to be a resource for them – because trust me, they’ll remember what you do for them now when this all blows over.

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