Who We Are

the vision

We’re big believers in young people.


Whether that’s Gen Zers, Millennials, or future generations to come, the youth segment is an audience of people who are inspired, motivated and fearless.


Understanding them can be difficult, but that’s our goal. We live and breathe amongst this audience; the creators, the thinkers, the talent. We immerse ourselves in this audience daily, so we can continue to learn, understand and speak to them in relatable and exciting ways.

What We Do

the goal

Our focus is understanding youth.


What they care about, how they live, what they’re watching, how the interact, what’s most relatable, what they eat, what they drink. As a result our products and services align with that knowledge and passion.


Whether it’s creating content that they’ll consume, or providing strategy on how your brand can engage them. We are always learning and deciphering, so your brand reaps the rewards.

Our Promise

quality for cost

Agency quality work, at Gen Z prices.


We are so invested in our audience, and we want you to feel that in any work we do. But we also understand that budgets aren’t endless (and often quite the opposite). Youth as a demographic change constantly. Gen Z are different to Millennials, and they will continue to differ as the years go on.


So we will constantly strive to provide as much value as possible in our products and services, to ensure you can feel just as pumped about working with us.

Our Team


To make sure we constantly have our finger on the pulse, but similarly have the tactical skill and know-how, our team is made of driven individuals.


With a range of talent from university students, to experienced content heads, content creators around the country and marketers with big experience – we cover all bases.


Our diversity on all fronts allows us to constantly understand what youth, as well as what our clients, want. Meaning that we are always pushing ourselves, and learning.

Our Products

work with us

Our tools aim to do three things when it comes to Gen Z and Millennials in Australia, that will benefit your brand:


+ Speak to them via relevant content and marketing

+ Provide insights about them, their habits and traits

+ Tactically position your products & services in front of them


Whether that’s through Native and White Label Content, Influencer Campaigns, Strategy & Research or Events Sponsorship, we’re here to help.


Get in touch or send us a brief here.

Where It All Started

on campus

5Why Media has a pretty humble beginning.


Initially born on Sydney university campus as a wide-eyed youth publisher (5why.com.au), by a group of young people who were just tired of being labelled as a lazy, inconsiderate generation. Not backed by any huge investor, just some young people who wanted to take action and show people what we’re capable of.

And while we’ve expanded our focus across all things youth content, marketing and strategy – our focus and goal remains the same.

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