How Are Gen Z Moving? The Rise Of The Solo Traveling Generation

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If there’s one thing for sure that we know about Australian youth, it’s that they’re travel obsessed. Whether it be marked by the saturation of ‘travel bloggers’ in our online spheres, or the overall reduction in plane ticket prices (due to the decline of jet fuel prices and incline of competing airlines) making travel more accessible, this fact is no secret.

But thanks to a new study recently published by, we now have a better insight into Gen Z’s travel patterns. From over 5000 respondents aged 16-24 worldwide, this study offers a unique and current insight into how this generation moves.

The Numbers

We’ve picked out a few of the stats we found most interesting form the report:

+ One third of respondents prefer to be on their own when travelling
+ 34% planned to travel solo in the next decade
+ 18% want to take a solo backpacking trip or gap year
+ 40% find Instagram the top source of inspiration when deciding where to travel
+ 45% trust the opinions of those they don’t know in person (eg influencers and celebrities)
+ Half believe too much emphasis is placed on social media when travelling

So what does this all mean?

Basically, this tells us that Gen Z are moving more independently. This can be applied not only to travel, but also more generally in their lives. It is also worth noting that solo female travel in particular is on the rise, with another study showing the search volume for “solo female travel” grew by 52% from 2016-2017 alone. This generation is determined, independent and self-aware.

While sharing on social media is a priority for this demographic, they want to be seen doing it alone. If you are a travel brand or are trying to reach youth and haven’t looked into influencer marketing, take this as your sign to go and do some research. Check out our tips for using influencer marketing here.

So take this knowledge and use it to your advantage, and try to think about how you can implement these findings into your brand. Are you a dating app? Check out what are the top locations for solo travelers to visit & meet. Are you a travel card provider? How about creating a complete package for travelling alone, including any anti-theft tricks.

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