How Gen Zs Are First Hearing About Your Brand And Why They’re Not Purchasing

Gordon D'Mello

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Snapchat is one of the businesses most synonymous with Gen Z, so when they release a new study about Gen Z’s approach to engaging in new brands, you listen. While most of these findings were not completely surprising, there are a few hidden gems that we’ve pulled out when it comes to brand awareness.

Where Gen Z’s Hear About Your Brand

And when it comes to first hearing about a brand, you might be interested to hear that the majority (27%) result was from through family or friends, with the rest of the results spread out relatively evenly. With a further 3/4 of Gen Zs saying they would take interest in a brand if their friends/family are talking about it (bit of brand FOMO right there perhaps?).

Surprisingly, only 9% first hear about new brands form influencers/sponsored content. And in addition, 2/3 would be interested if the brand created a unique experience for them and their friends. So create tailored, memorable experiences when possible (and budget allows it). This is a prime example of the experience economy at play – it’s not enough for your brand to simply provide a product or good customer service anymore.

What’s worth taking out from this graph above, is that you need to have multiple brand awareness outlets. Loading your budget on one channel may work, but spreading your investment in multiple channels will undoubtedly churn better results. Put your eggs in one basket, and well, you’re pretty likely to come up empty.

What Gen Z Does After They Know About Your Brand

It’s a pretty standard journey here, and one you can relatively safely predict. Gen Zs will check out your website (first impressions count), chat to relevant family/friends about your products, and look at reviews – as well as your socials. So make sure everything is up-to-date, and that a sharp website is backed up with smart socials.

Why Gen Z Aren’t Purchasing Your Product

As many of us know, Gen Z continue to hold brands very accountable. From ethics to false advertising, they’ll come down hard when a brand does the wrong thing. So having a strong brand responsibility will often be a big positive bookmark when it comes to purchasing.

On the back of the climate rally last week, we’ve seen just how much importance ethical and environmental responsibility is for Gen Zs (and Gen Alpha, mind you). So if incorrect practices start to leak out, there’s a good chance the customers will as well. But equally on the opposite side, be smart with this and it could be the deciding factor in a Gen Zs purchasing decision.

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