How To Create Evergreen Lifestyle Content For Your Brand That Gen Zs Will Eat Up

Gordon D'Mello

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Content creation is something we all wonder about as brands, right? It’s almost like this luxury that internal marketing teams hope to be able to do, but it’s also something that can only happen if you have enough $$ in the bank. Especially lifestyle content.

Making content takes time, and making good content takes even more time – as well as resources. So with this in mind, how do you create content that is both evergreen (so you can reuse it and has a greater shelf life) – and also lifestyle-orientated?

I’ve personally worked with brands here at 5Why Media on their own internal content channels, as well as creating native and advertorial content on So here are a few learnings in a quick little read.

Make It Clickable, Not Clickbait

Making your content interesting enough is important of course, but how you do find that sweet spot between the not-so-desired clickbait, and clickable? There’s a big difference between the two in my opinion, so think about key words that Gen Zs will relate with, and images that they will associate with.

If you’re struggling, here’s a little guide we made on Gen Z slang – yeet it here. Think titles that focus on a How To, Why or Listicle title/format. And remember, if you’re over 35 and trying to write content for a 20 year old, you put yourself in the position of not completely understanding the audience’s traits – and it might impact your ability to make them click your content.

Personas Are Super Important

Don’t skint on your marketing personas! It honestly shocks me how many brands lack basic personas, and if you don’t have them please, please write them down or just have an idea of what your key customer/s look like. Because when you create certain content, it ideally should be targeted at maybe a few, or even one, persona.

It will also help you focus on a lifestyle topic that suits that specific persona. For example, say you’re a travel company selling tours or travel trips – and one of your personas is a 21-year-old, 3rd year uni student, working part time and living at home in the western suburbs of a major city. You might work on an articled titled 5 Easy Tips To Help You Save Cash For Your Next Travel TripThat title is focused on the uni student persona above, but could be relevant to other personas, too. But as you can see, it focuses on a trait (saving money) that comes purely from a persona learning (living at home, studying).

Remember That Lifestyle Content Drives Engagement

I see a lot of brands running very specific brand content on their blogs (think a health insurance company writing an articled titled Things You Need To Know About Health Insurance Policy Change). Not necessarily un-important, but not the language you need for Gen Zs. Gen Zs are often at, and heading into, the most social times of their lives – and lifestyle content allows you to make that connection between their social life, and your brand/product/industry.

That same health insurance company could look at the fact that health insurance perhaps takes care of all the paperwork in your life, meaning you can stay healthy for longer. That you can live life better, explore more, when you know your health is covered. That leads into topics like best travel spots, how to explore your city like a tourist etc etc. The moral is, lifestyle content is naturally more relevant to Gen Zs (or any audience for that matter) – and it’ll drive a higher engagement compared to more stale product-focused blog content that we see so regularly by brands.

If You Re-Market, It Can Be A Genuine Funnel

I can understand the reason a lot of brands don’t engage with, or spend more money on content is the lack of direct leads or sales that come from it. I mean let’s be honest, it’s unlikely that a 19-year-old will read an article on your company blog about Fashion Tips For Splendour and then buy one of your brand’s clothing products. But we have to think bigger picture.

Of course the awareness and association has monetary value itself (ie a reader associating your fashion brand with music festivals and music generally is huge), but can you create sales funnels from this? Absolutely. Lifestyle content should look to reach a bigger audience, and therefore engage a larger demographic. So running your Facebook Pixel, Google Ads cookie or other re-marketing strategies is vital. Good content draws the masses, which is uber-valuable – but it’s up to you to close them as customers.

Do you or your brand struggle with content? It’s so understandable given how time poor we all are these days, and when you need content but don’t necessarily have the time to commit. We’ve helped heaps of brands build their content strategy, including youth-leaders UNiDAYS. So if you need a hand and want us to take care of your content worries, get in touch here.

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