How To Market To Millennials + Gen Z & Why It’s So Important

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It’s a quickly evolving world at the moment. From yeet, to being woke, thicc and thirsty vibes, bougie-lifestyle, it’s a skkkkkrttt type of time.

Understand none of those words? Don’t worry friends, you’re probably not alone. But being “too old” probably isn’t a good enough excuse anymore – especially if you’re a marketer who needs to target millennials (and the ever rising Gen Z).

The IRL youth of today are savvy with tech, overly curious and educated – they are today’s generation and they matter. So here’s a few tips if you’re looking to reach people who spend more time consuming memes than actual food.

#1 They Bloody Love Online Video Content, So Stop Avoiding It

80% of millennials will engage with brands that entertain them. Millennials are now watching less TV than the previous generations, choosing Netflix, Stan and other streaming services as a first choice. So this eliminates a major traditional marketing channel. And sure you can buy some expensive TVCs in-between The Bachelor/ette, but Millennials are also known to be restless and major multitaskers. So much so that 54% say they prefer brief video content of 30 seconds or less. But entertain first, then worry about length.

Not only are they more attracted to video forms; they are also more likely to share it with mates on social media as well. So think about how you can rather get onto their Facebook feed during the ad break, or between binges.

#2 Be Freaking Real

Millennials and Gen Z can immediately tell the difference between an advertisement and real talk, because now days, they’re looking for more than products and services to purchase. Rather, they want to buy experiences and listen to the recommendations made by those they trust. Being transparent in how you communicate information and provide tips is a good place to start.

But just remember, if you try to force a brand culture or perspective that isn’t honest, it’s only going to hurt your brand. Did someone say Pepsi x Kylie Jenner?

#3 Establish Genuine Relationships With Influencers

Similar to what we just looked at, millennials are quick to pick up on how genuine a brand story is. These guys aren’t reading the newspaper on the way to work – they’re scrolling through their Instagram feed, and Facebook is their news steam.

I’m sure a lot of you have read plenty about influencers, and a few of you have probably even used them yourself. But having an actual creative strategy here is vital to help develop collaborations with influencers, people that align with the values and story of your brand.

Don’t be fooled by the thousands of followers. Rather, research them, suss out their profile/performance, speak to them before you work with them. There’s no doubting the power of using influencers to engage with millennials, but if you just blindly trust their 100k followers, you’re only going to be disappointed.

#4 Appeal To FOMO

If there’s one thing I myself am a sucker for, it’s a bit of low-key FOMO. As a 26-year old, I still have the frequent moment of sadness watching my mates party up at a festival. We know this audience values experiences over ownership, and increasingly spend their time and money on them.

Therefore brands that offer unique opportunities and events are able to maintain interest and successfully drive the fear of missing out. Experiences that are trending and timely are crucial to generating buzz around your brand. Don’t go too big to the point of an experience being out of reach, keep the idea tailored.

#5 Go Minimal

Statistics show that millennials feel entitled when it comes to content. Therefore, the key here is to get your point across quickly, because once you lose their attention, they will exit your website/content and eventually forget about you.

Realise you’ve got to work quickly here, but that a small opportunity to shine is actually a great chance to capture attention.

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Know your yeet's from 'ya woke's.

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