How To Reach Gen Zs On A Budget, And Still Have An Impact

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There’s a good chance your business is going all startup, and bootstrapping the heck out of things right now. Whether it be product development, marketing, or acquisition – there’s probably a good chance that you’re trying to save dollars everywhere. All while hoping you do a Josh Frydenberg and find an extra $60 billion behind the couch – and I oop.

But with end of uni year only a few months away, and O-Week 2021 in planning mode – it’s time to get smart with how you spend your budget. We got you.

#1 Broaden Your Search

When it comes to marketing and advertising channels, there are heaps of new and relevant channels in market right now. From the new-yet-massive social channels like Tik Tok, to bespoke agencies and traditional publishers – you have options. So rather than booking in your traditional channels right away, explore the market and see who is reaching young Aussies the best right now. There’s a good chance you’ll be able to squeeze more value into your media plan, as well as finding some newer channels you haven’t used before.

#2 Empathise

Empathy in marketing is something we’ve been talking about ourselves in the past few months – given the state of the world. So read the room and understand just how the world is working right now. Gen Zs are different to other generations because they’re so diverse; they’re multicultural, they’re straight, they’re bi, they’re gay, they’re a-sexual, they’re left-leaning, they’re understanding, they’re vocal. If you have empathy at the heart of any marketing campaigns, we’re pretty sure you’ll do well – and not become the new Dominos.

#3 A/B/C/D Test, And Reallocate 

If you’re trying to get back out in market, try creating 3-4 different types of campaigns first – potentially even aimed at different ‘types’ of youth personas. Test them all with small budget, and then reallocate your campaign on performance. Spend small to start, then back your winner with whatever cash you have. Brands can’t afford to be throwing money out for fun right now, so be extremely careful, analyse early, and then go with the flow.

#4 Contact Details Are More Important Than Ever

If your product is very tough to convert customers or users right now, think about what you can offer to acquire contact details. Whether it be emails, phone numbers, social account follows – they’re all seriously valuable at the moment. So how do you actually get those details – to either try and convert them now, or in the future? Can you run a low-cost, high-value competition? Can you have a juicy call-to-action as part of your campaign? If you’re not sure what to roll with, see tip #3 and AB test all your ideas across your prospective customers.

#5 Talk To Them

One thing we constantly hear from our clients is that they have no clue how a Gen Zer thinks, or how their mind works. So why not actually go to the source? This is a supremely underrated idea – and you’d be surprised just how interested they will be to participate. Let’s be honest for a second, it’s fair to say most client or agency side employees are likely out of the Gen Z demo – so it’s naturally hard to gauge what goes on in their head. Going to the source also lets you feel the room, and understand what they’re going through.

Are you looking to reach Gen Zs and students across Australia over the next few months? Well with one of Australia’s best rising publisher arms, Facebook Discussion Groups for uni students, and O-Week Online – we have some of the best marketing tools to help your brand reach young Aussies at low costs. Get in touch here to see how we can help, or check out our Media Kit for more info!

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