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Native Content, White Label

Life insurance is certainly not the type of thing you’d often associate with Gen Z and Millennials.


But that’s the gap we looked to fill in our partnership with NobleOak Insurance. In a combined campaign of both Native Content on 5Why and White Label Content on NobleOak’s blog, we turned social and lifestyle topics into articles that aligned with the brand.


We looked at NobleOak’s business, took some themes and ideas associated with the brand, and created what we believed would be engaging content. For example, we created the article How To Balance Your Career And Relationship When You’re Ridiculously Busy as we thought people who were career driven, and also dating seriously, were probably moving towards a life stage in which life insurance might become relevant.


Content was well received on both 5Why and NobleOak’s blog page, with content on the latter seeing a bigger spike in engagement and readership than all of their previous content. Content samples include:


5 Things You Didn’t Learn At School That You’ll Definitely Need Now

Simple Ways To Start Saving Money When You Suck At It

5 Mistakes You’ll Probs Make When Trying To Launch Your Side Hustle

These Are The Most Dangerous Jobs In Oz, So Get Your Helmets

5 Ways To Balance Your Workload And Enjoy Life (NobleOak White Label)

How To Save Money When You Have No Money To Save (NobleOak White Label)

Careers That Could Have You Earning The Big Dollars By 30 (NobleOak White Label)

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