Stay Woke; 10 Gen Z Slang Terms You Don’t Need To Search Urban Dictionary For

Bridget Buckley

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We’re going back to marketing 101 here, but something that you can’t get around is knowing and understanding your audience. Now I’m not going to lie to you and say that’s easy because realistically it’s not, especially when every five years brings a new set of colloquialisms and what feels like a whole new language. So enter: this holy grail of a Gen Z slang list. Don’t rely on it for everything, but let it be an entry gate into you starting to understand Gen Z a little bit more while you’re trolling through the comments on Facebook pages.

Disclaimer: Unless these are things you would actually say I’d heavily advise against using them in your youth marketing strategies. One thing that Gen Z can sniff out from a mile away is old people using young words (sorry not sorry), and that is the easiest way to lose your audiences. Gen Zs can still understand you without using these terms, but this one is so that you can understand us (and Gen Z) a bit better.

Unless you’re Mad Mex, because TBH this is hilarious.

Mad Mex Stonks 📉

Posted by Mad Mex Fresh Mexican on Wednesday, 7 August 2019


#1 Woke: adjective

Let’s start with the basics. Staying ‘woke’ is being aware and conscious of things around you that other people generally aren’t – often regarding social issues, injustices and current affairs.

#2 Stan: noun

A mixture between ‘stalker’ and ‘fan’, a stan is essentially a super fan. Stan can also be used as a verb – to say “I stan this” means you support it fully, or alternatively use “stanning”. Think Eminem et al.

#3 Clapback: verb

To respond to something, often an insult or something damaging. So basically if you fire back at a comment about you.

#4 Boujee/bougie: adjective

Originating from the word “bourgeois”, boujee/bougie is something a bit fancy and probably pretentious. Think espresso martinis at a danky pub.

#5 GOAT: noun

An acronym for “greatest of all time”, when something is the GOAT it’s truly A class. Not necessarily a new term, but one that gets thrown around a lot.

#6 Tea: verb

Probably used in the sentence “what’s the tea” or “spill the tea”, it simply means gossip. It’s no doubt currently all over your newsfeeds – and tbh even comes up in just general chatter between Gen Zs.

#7 Gucci: adjective

Not actually talking about the brand, Gucci is synonymous with ‘good’. Did someone say Gen Z is obsessed with brands?

#8 Yeet: literally anything

While I’m tempted to not try and explain this one at all because it seems to perplex even older Gen Z’s, yeet has so many different meanings. Want to express discomfort? “Yeet”. Want your friend to throw something a long way? “Yeet it”. What’s the meaning of life? “Yeet that”. Yeah look not our proudest moment.

#9 Thirsty: adjective

Often a term brought up when you have too much hype, and commonly used in dating worlds. You know when you slide into your current flirt’s Insta DMs when you’re a bit tipsy? Y u being so thirsty??

#10 Snatched: verb

Basically when something looks amaze/stunning, or just gives off general good vibes/aesthetic.

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Know your yeet's from 'ya woke's.

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