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Alyssa is a 22 year old commerce and design student from Sydney University, who also works part-time as a dental assistant and receptionist. She’s passionate about health and loves chilling out by sipping on an almond cap in a cute cafe. Oh and fun fact: she’s actually terrible at maths. We sat down to have a chat about all things from how legit her coronavirus fears are to what music she’s been jamming to lately.

Q1 – What do you think about the whole coronavirus scare? Has it stopped you from travelling?

I think there is an overreaction and people are being overly fearful for no proper grounds. Yes it’s a legitimate virus but it doesn’t warrant the mass hysteria and fear responses. I wasn’t planning to travel to any of the affected areas but if I had been then yes it would definitely stop me from going there in the foreseeable future.

Q2 – What TV shows and music are you vibing right now/why?

Loved Stranger Things! Looking forward to the next season. I like the retro and alternative feel to it, and that it’s not your classic love story boy meets girl sort of plot, and also not too teenage angsty vibes either.

Also I’m getting more into old music, like Earth Wind & Fire and Bill Withers. I also don’t mind some pop but sometimes it gets a bit trashy, and right now I also love Tori Kelly.

Q3 – What is something that has stressed you out recently?

Trying to find a new job when my Christmas casual job ended and I was unemployed for a month but still had to pay rent! :3

Q4 – What brands are you really into at the moment and why?

I really like Oscar Wylee’s glasses designs, since I have to wear glasses. Also I think the Champion hoodies look so trendy and cool haha!! But at the same time I don’t want to wear the same thing as everyone else lol. I also really like the styles at Glassons, but sometimes they’re a bit exxy. And I really like the classic look of the white Adidas Originals + the Continental 80s (the one with the red/green stripes).

Q5 – What’s something that you try to do every day/week?

I try meal prep and exercise even though that sounds boring haha. It makes me feel organised and good inside lol. I also try to catch up with my friends/a friend every week to make sure I can maintain relationships with people who are really important to me.

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