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Monique is a 23-year old registered nurse – who studied a Bachelor of Health Sciences and Master of Nursing. Currently working out of Sydney Children’s Hospital in Sydney, Monique is also a sneaky skateboarder and does love staying fit. She’s got a bit of a thrill-seeking bug, and you’ll often find her rock climbing, motorcross-ing, at the beach or readiunder the spotlight, youth spotlight,gen z, gen z isnight,content, trends, worries, news, coronavirusng. We sat down to have a chat with her about what’s going on in the news, through to the brands she loves + why.

Q1 – How are you coping amidst all the COVID-19 pandemic concerns?

I am practicing social distancing and trying to interact with friends less in physical environments. I’m keeping well informed and trying to help educate friends and family with any questions. I still have to go to work as I’m a nurse, and I’m in the process of commencing extra employment with the Coronavirus hotline so I can help out in my free time and bring some extra income in to help support my flat mates and family who are out of work.

Q2 – Have you got any advice for people who are struggling?

Stay connected to friends and family online and over the phone, most of us are all in the same boat. Keep well informed with trusted sources such as government resources, healthcare providers and universities. Reach out to your friends who may have to move or leave jobs to provide support. Practice self care and be kind to yourself.

Q3 – What is something that has stressed you out recently?

Friends and colleagues having to leave their life behind and move back home (overseas) due to the current pandemic affecting financial stability.

Q4 – What brands are you really into at the moment and why?

Anything with durability, versatility and sustainability! Just bought a pair of Blundstones so I can get out and brave the weather on my bike, going out and even camping! As well as a pair of tights from Nimble activewear that create textiles from recycled plastic bottles.

Q5 – What TV shows and/or music are you vibing right now?

Lots of new and random stuff at the moment, from the Free Nationals to Lauren Sanderson, Bonobo, Audiofly and A Boogie Wit Da Hoodie. Loving coming home and getting some good vibes pumping to switch my mind off work and get the creative juices flowing.

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